New Business Websites

Starting a new business is a very exciting time.

For you the entrepreneur it is the beginning of a bold new adventure in your life. For your customers, it is the anticipation of something new, interesting and possibly even life-changing.

Your online presence should reflect the enthusiasm, energy and promise of a new venture. This is what makes a new business website unique.

Your website is your chance to make that amazing first impression. 

Your New Business Website Strategy

Planning your new business website is all about having the right information. Research is essential, but the amount of information out there can be a bit overwhelming. Your website and online presence are going to be critical to your success, so seeking advice from a professional will mean that you only have to process information that is relevant to your business.

Unbranded Space was once a new business and we faced the same challenges that are common to all new businesses. We have also worked with many other new businesses helping to transform ideas into successful business ventures.  Our Business Startup Strategy Consultations are a stand-alone, no-obligation service that will provide both clarity and a strategy for moving forward.

Because we charge a fee for our professional consultation service, we don’t hold back on the information we provide. We won’t trickle feed you “tidbits” to try and entice you into using our services. With a consultation, you won’t feel obliged to use our services, but we are confident that you will want to

Our strategy service begins with an honest and open conversation. We will explore many possibilities and scenarios. We will provide you with insights into your competition. Learn what works and what doesn’t and in the process identify and/or clarify your point-of-difference. In the end, you will still decide the direction for your business but will do so armed with professional information and awareness of how to achieve your goals and the budget needed to get there. 

It Begins With a Conversation

We don’t expect you to know everything that you will require for a website, and may just want to make some initial enquiries. We provide a free 15-minute phone consultation where you can expect the find out the following:

Looking for an idea about website costs?

It is usually not possible to provide an accurate quote without a more in-depth consultation. However a short 15 minute discussion can often allow us to provide ball-park figures. You can also click below to read our in-depth article on how much a website costs.

Create a "Look & Feel" That Your Customers Will Love

That initial customer impression is essential with a new business venture. Your branding ie. your businesses persona – how your customers see you – it’s critical to get this right. Being the “new kid on the block”, will get you some attention, but strong visual branding that creates the right level of anticipation and expectation to your customers will get them talking about you to others.

How will your customers perceive your business? Reliable & durable, prestigious & exclusive, fun & exciting or something else? Get your branding right and your customers will come to you already on-board and primed for the products and/or services you want to deliver.

Unbranded Space can help you develop the brand identity for your business from the ground-up. Through our consultation process and in-depth research methods, we create powerful and unique branding that will create strong customer identification across a broad range of mediums. 

Connect Your Customers to Your Business

An effective Online Promotional Strategy ensures customers will find you. 

Your Online Promotional Strategy is often an intricate system of integrated technologies. It may include online advertising, social media platforms, mail campaigns, as well as direct customer management and communication.

At the centre of all of these technologies is your website. Your website is your Strategy Head-Quarters where all traffic throughout your campaigns can be directed. Thinking of your website as “Strategy HQ” will allow you to create effective sales channels that allow you to convert online visitors into customers. 

With detailed metrics available and Unbranded Space on hand to help you understand it all, you will be able to learn exactly how many people are coming to your website, who they are and how they are getting there. This information is critical to developing effective future campaigns that will generate even more customers for your business. 

Convert TRAFFIC INTO Customers Through User-Centred Design

Your customers will drive how your website looks, how information is arranged and how it performs.

User-Centred Design (also referred to as UX – User Experience Design or UI User Interface Design), is a discipline that has grown out of putting the complete focus on the user of the website (ie. your customers), as the driving force for all design decisions made.

It isn’t just the branding (which should also be user-focused), it is the structure of the site – the way pages are arranged, the pages themselves. It is the order and importance of information on the page, making sure that the right information is emphasised and those important calls to action – the things that convert a website visitor into a customer –  are found. 

With a startup website, there is no existing site to be able to view statistics about how successful the website is or metrics providing demographic breakdowns. It is not yet possible to view data about the site’s visitors and how the site is being used. Unbranded Space has years of experience which includes a deep understanding of how users interact with websites. This experience, combined with an expert understanding of user-centred design, ensures your website will be engaging, with easy to find information and clear navigation.

SEO - The Art of Getting Found

Good SEO means your website can be found and ensures your customers stay on your site, once there.

Search Engine Technology is always improving at finding relevant content for users who search online. Rather than making Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) obsolete, it is now more important than ever. SEO has evolved from a series of “tricks” that web developers could employ to now becoming a discipline that requires websites to contain quality content that is well written and correctly fulfils the viewer’s expectations. 

We mentioned user-centred design above as the discipline that ensures the information on your website is relevant to your customers and easily found. The same discipline applies to how search engines find and digest the information on your website. However, the way that a search engine digests information differs from how human eyes do. A website can be well optimised for Search Engines but repulsive to human eyes. Vice-versa, a website can look amazing, but the information is incomprehensible to search engines. 

Good SEO is not just about making websites that attract search engines. It is striking the balance between implementing effective Search Engine Optimisation practises without compromising on the quality and presentation of your website for your customers.

A Content Marketing Strategy That Works

After a website is launched, creating new content helps to keep your customers interested in your business. In doing so you create an open channel that allows you to promote your products and services to your customers.  Search Engines will also reward you as you add new content by potentially displaying your website in more search results and closer to the top of each search. 

Unbranded Space will work with you to implement a content development strategy that is appropriate for your business. We can develop content on your behalf, providing your business with an ongoing and effective method of attracting new and existing customers to your website. We can also provide the training required that allows you to add content yourself.

Regular reporting on your site’s performance and search results allow you to monitor the progress of your site traffic, which content works best and how visitors are finding you. 

Don't Leave It Up To Chance

If you get the branding and website for your new business startup right, then you are on your way to a successful enterprise.

Your branding should stand out and appeal to your customer demographic. Your website should do the same, but also needs to convey your products and services in a way that is concise and easy to understand. It also needs to be found through effective search engine optimisation.

Getting the balance of having a great-looking, effective website and one that gets found on search is not something to leave to chance. It requires careful planning and development as well as great design and SEO that gets results. Unbranded Space would love to talk to you about how we can make it happen for your business. 

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